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In 2001 P&G filed for a patent almost identical to VegieFresh and FAILED!!!
Even better, in that application it cites the exact same reasons we do as to why baking soda is ineffective (surface area, exposure) and also specifically points out why coconut shell carbon and zeolites are effective, the difference between "adsorption" (VegieFresh) and "absorption" (baking soda).
The patent application even goes so far as to talk about the need for increased air exposure (our clamshell design) and a safe, permeable housing for the adsorbent materials (our DuPont Tyvek).
Unbelievably, the patent application goes on to talk about informing the consumer as to the benefits of the product and the need for distinct packaging and instructions to do so..."

As you can see from the excerpts above, efforts have been ongoing for years attempting to use minerals and systems similar to RD FRESH, but have failed for the reasons described. RD FRESH has succeeded by determining the correct proportions and particulate sizes for the various minerals as well as designing a highly efficient "fixed bed" passive application system (panels and panel placement) that makes use of the already existing fan motors within the walk-in coolers as well as focusing on the air exchange and ambient temperature variations between the kitchen environment and the walk-in at the entrance to the walk-in...avoiding the high cost of a complicated devices that requires professional [costly] installation.. and oddly enough must use energy to save energy.


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