The influences of natural zeolite (cliptinolite) on ammonia and biogenic amine formation by foodborne pathogen.
Source: Department of Seafood Processing Technology, Faculty of Fisheries, Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey.
August, 2012

The influence of natural zeolite on biogenic amines (BAs) and ammonia (AMN) production by eight common gram negative and positive foodborne pathogens (FBP) were investigated in histidine decarboxylase broth (HDB). The use of zeolite also significantly suppressed HIS accumulation by E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, S. paratyphi A (P < 0.05). The range of tyramine (TYR) production by gram positive bacteria was 1.19 and 4.06 mg/L for Enteroccus faecalis and Listeria monocytogenes respectively.

Excerpts from Patent number: 5950435
Technical Field: The present invention relates to an ice for preserving the freshness of foodstuff such as raw fish:

  • At the freezing point, although the propagation of bacteria or germs recited above is inhibited or the number of germs is reduced, bacteria or germs still survive in such condition.
  • In this connection, after the ice is melted away and the temperature of water surrounding the foodstuff is increased, bacteria or germs will begin their propagation rapidly.
  • Whereas, the ice of the embodiment of the present invention in which silver-zeolite is included, the number of germs is decreased to substantially aseptic after 48 hours had passed, i.e. it can be seen that the remarkable sterilizing effect can be obtained thereby.
  • Further, silver-zeolite provides the effect to deodorize the malodor as well as the germicidal power as described hereinabove.
  • The deodorant effect is obtained not only by the above-mentioned germicidal power avoiding the malodor inherent on germ themselves, but also by absorbing the malodor itself.


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